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Since year 2020 we have sold over 5 kilometers of Linear Lights across the country. Now we are the first priority of architects & electrical consultants.

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From Clothing brands, Branded Footwear, Ceramic, Food Chains, Offices, Hospitals, Schools and to the Retails Stores the demand of Linear light is every where. Due to the flexibility of linear lighting the products are used in a wide and increasing variety of applications. These lights are highly customised & can be build as per the required shape by the client.


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We Innovate And Bring New Possibilities In The Interior Design of Each Lighting Project

Linear lighting is has become increasingly popular due to its flexibility, excellent performance and aesthetic appeal. Flexibility – linear lighting can be mounted into almost any ceiling type. You can get surface mounted, suspended, recessed and grid ceiling mounted. Some linear lighting products offer a range of connecting shapes in corner L shapes or T and cross junctions. These connecting shapes combined with a range of lengths allow lighting designers to create truly unique designs with a luminaire that can be designed to fit the room. Performance – LEDs are directional, reducing the need for reflectors and diffusers that and reduce efficacy. Aesthetics – it is often not enough to have excellent performance; this needs to be matched with stunning design. However, LED Linear has a pretty strong offering in that department as linear lighting provides a massive amount of versatility for creating unique and eye-catching designs. Custom designs with corners, squares, long linear runs, direct/indirect light and custom RAL colours are just a few of the options available that make LED Linear an easy choice. Colour temperature – LED Linear lights can often offer a wide range of colour temperatures, flexible to meet the lighting environment. From warm white to cool white, different temperatures can be used to create mood and atmosphere in a space. Also, linear lighting is often available in tunable white and RGBW colour changing light – controlled by remote control or wall control. Linear lighting is now available in a lot more options than when it was first introduced many years ago. When we look at mounting, linear lighting can be recessed, surface mounted or suspended. With regards to IP rating (ingress protection), many products are around IP20 however you will find luminaires on the market which are IP65 rated (meaning they are suitable to kitchen, bathrooms and places where there is water). Size can also vary greatly with linear lighting; you can have single pendants of linear lighting or continuous runs of over 50m. These could be large enough to illuminate a room or small linear lighting for ambience or task lighting such as under-cabinet lighting.

Customised Round Linear Light
Customised Linear Light
Customised Linear Light

We Specialised in The Manufacturing & assembling of Led Linear Lights

The Led Linear lighting combines aesthetic and technical elements. The light effects generated by the light lines that split the space allow creating plays and combinations between the architectural or furnishing elements. The state of the art LED sources applied in the Linear Light  linear lighting solutions, offer high performance and long duration. The solutions subject of proposal vary in terms of form and type of installation, with one common denominator: the quality of “Made in China & Singapore” products. In the pages dedicated to linear profiles, you will also find a selection of the most significant projects.