We offer different shapes & Lengths of linear lights like Square, Rectangle, Triangle, Hexagon, Pentagon & Heptagon.

Led Ring Pendant
Led Ring Pendant
Led linear Hexagonal Light Pakistan
LED Linear Hexagonal
50mm x 70mm Linear Light Profile White Colour
50mm Linear Light
Pierlite Austube
Pierlite Austube
Led Suspended 751A Infinite
FT Led Suspended 751A Infinite
Led linear Triangle Light Pakistan
Triangle Linear Light
Pierlite Austube
Coarts Linear Light
Recessed Linear Light 50mm
Recessed Linear Light 50mm
Twin Grace Spotlighter 7w
Twin Grace Spot Lighter
Dot GU10 7w Spot Lighter
Dot GU10 7w Spot Lighter
Dot Led Strip Light
Dot Led Strip Light

An Exemplary End Result

The Linear Light offers custom make services for LED linear light.

LED linear lights now are very popular for lighting services. Clients are welcome to use the led linear light profile. During the lighting project, some of the clients are not convenient to custom make the LED linear light.

Linear Rectangular Pendant Light Pakistan

Our Expertise


Linear Lighting

Linear lighting can be mounted into almost any ceiling type. You can get surface mounted, suspended, recessed and grid ceiling mounted. Some linear lighting products offer a range of connecting shapes in corner L shapes or T and cross junctions


Track Lights

Track lighting is a modern, innovative and especially versatile lighting solution, and when we say solution we mean it. The flexibility in the quantity of lighting you can install is immense. The tracks join together so you can select the amount of lights you need. Track lighting puts you in control and lets you get creative with the distribution of light and the quality it can add to your interior design.



Downlights & Spot Lights

Downlights are installed into the ceiling (mounted on or recessed) concentrating the light in a downward direction, whilst a spotlight is fixed onto a wall or ceiling and can provide multiple light beams, allowing you to direct light directly onto a place or object.



Strip & Zig Zag Lights

LED Strip Lights, also known as LED Tape Lights, are small linear lights on a roll that you probably have seen in a lot of places but never really noticed. Each strip consists of an array of various sizes of LED chips which are soldered to a flexible printed circuit board. The backside of the PC board is applied a double sided adhesive for mounting to clean and dry surfaces. These strips can literally be used in hundreds of different places and are easily hidden to create appealing and attractive lighting in the tightest of spaces. Each strip light can be cut and re-connected to create customized linear accent, task, and exterior lighting. Our strip lights are offered in a wide range of brightness (lumens), colors (kelvin) as well as color changing options.



Highbays & Flood Lights

LED high bay lights are specialized industrial lights designed to illuminate large areas with high ceilings. These high bay LED lights create powerful illumination at a long-range to enhance the visibility and focus light more directly than traditional incandescent fixtures. This makes high bay LED lighting perfect for commercial and industrial applications, such as warehouses and retail stores with larger areas and taller ceilings.

Flood lights are great lighting fixtures that emit a broad beam of light. As the name suggests, flood lights are used to flood an area with light. It is the best way to provide an enormous amount of non-natural light to an area.

LED floodlights are highly energy efficient and have a higher lumen per watt output than any other conventional lighting system. They are used for many purposes and also allow a range of lighting techniques.


Customized Pendants