Product family information
GreenSpace Flex comes with elegant and modular design concept, allowing combination of wide range of light engines and different frame accessories, each responding to different aesthetical and functional needs and satisfy diversified customer requirements. Whether it is to offer high visual comfort; enable beautiful impressive accents; provide cozy lighting ambience; obtain seamless integration to a false ceiling; or simply have water splash and dust protection; there is always a right option for you with GreenSpace Flex.
Diverse product range thanks to modular design, responding to a wide range of needs
Miniaturized and elegant product design
High quality of light
Easy to install and maintain
The clean and refined product design helps the spots blend in with ceilings
Possibility to pack numerous spots in one product (up to 3 spots)
 L80 at 50.000h
Color Rendering Index, CRI >90
Standard Color Deviation, SDCM < 3
Correlated Light Color Temperature of 2700K or 3000K
Led Modules with lens and external driver
Various frame accessories that fit to a compatible Led Module
Water Proof (WP) frame offering IP54
Deep Recess (D) frame offering up to UGR13
Warning & Safety
 The luminaire should be installed and disassembled by a qualified electrician and wired in accordance with the latest IEE electrical regulations or the national requirements, as per the product mounting instructions.
Both a module (RS378B) and a frame accessory (RS378Z) must be ordered for a fully functioning luminaire configuration. Driver is a part of the module and is external.
Module and Frame accessory should be compatible, both having the same diameter value in designation expressed as “Mxx” (e.g. M43 or M55)



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